Just starting using a new skin care regime!  I seem to do that every 3 months or so....I like to try new skin care products as often as I can! I just finished up using the Shiseido skincare and I really enjoyed it! 
I recently got a Lancome gratis from work, so I picked up the Mousse Radiance and Tonique Radiance.

Mousse Radiance is a clarifying self foaming cleanser for normal to combination skin. One pump is all you need, you get a whole handful of rich, fluffy foam that breaks down both make up and impurities. Rinses off with water and leaving you with perfectly cleansed skin and a visibly brighten complexion. Having combination skin, I find foaming cleansers sometimes can be a little harsh, over cleansing my skin, and stripping away the lipid barrier,  resulting is a tight feeling.  I'm happy to report that no tightness and no over cleansed feeling, just fresh cleansed skin!!

Tonique Radiance is a clarifying exfoliating toner for normal to combination skin. Saturate a cotton pad, and smooth over your face, neck and decollete. This toner contains White lotus extract (which is an anti-oxidant) and Anise extract ( which helps to speed up cellular turnover).  Sweeps away dead skin cell, giving your complexion a boost of radiance. Balances the pH of the skin, allowing your skin to accept your serum and or moisturizer better.

Using a gentle exfoliating toner, in combination with a radiance boosting cleanser, it helps prevent a build up of dead skin cells that make your skin dull, as well as removing impurities and excess oil. 

Twice a week a do a special treatment, of both a manual exfoliation and a purifying mask!

For my manual exfoliation I use a Soap and Glory product, the Greatest Scrub of All! 
Suitable for dry sensitive skin, or oily combination skin. Smooth fine granules that polish away dead flaky skin, without irritating your skin ( caused by micro-tears). Contains smooth boost spheres, containing salicylic acid to increase the scrubs exfoliation power, by manually exfoliating and also by adding a chemical exfoliation element. Smooth boost spheres pop with you press on them releasing the exfoliating goodness! 

I also use the Shiseido purifying mask, a creamy, rinse-off facial mask, with highly porous Marine Mineral Clay and kaolin to absorb surface oil that dulls the surface of the skin and minimizes the appearance of pores. Smooth over the skin, avoiding the eye and lip contour for five minutes. Rinses off with water, leaving skin visibly refined and refreshed.

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