Benefit is one of my favourite lines. The products are phenomenal and their packaging is retro and fun. Founded by Jean and Jane Ford in 1976, they revolutionized the make up industry with their quick beauty fixes for any woman and adorable packaging. "Who says make up has to be serious?" Benefit has a ideal balance of products that are effective and also fun and easy to use.

                                                                   The first product from benefit that I'm going to be reviewing is the Perk Up Artist! This isn't being released until the  Fall, but it's going to change your life! I don't know how I've lived without this corrector kit. 

In this kit, you get a corrector shade, and concealer and a brightener. THESE ARE NOT JUST LEMONADE, BOI-ING, and EYE BRIGHT!!!! 
The texture is amazing, very lightweight and wearable ( for you gals who don't like the feeling of make up) and for anyone looking to even out their complexion! These almost melt into the skin, making application a breeze!!!

~Small and compact, great for travel and touch ups on the go! 
~Clam shell enclosures, keep the products smooth and creamy.
~double ended brush.

Not sure how much these are going to be retailing for but they are totally totally worth it!!!

I give this product, 5 hearts out of 5!!! 

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